T Shirt Business Plan


T Shirt Business Plan. I am Justin and two . 5 years ago my fiancee and i also started a t-shirt organization named Anomalous. Well, rewind a bit further. From a really young age there have been two things which interest me more than anything else. Artwork and entrepreneurship. Two of probably the most conflicting ideologies when it comes to attempting to make a living. If you’re here, I will assume that you, at the very least, discuss one of those two qualities. But most of you probably share each.

T Shirt Business Plan. I realized that designing the t-shirt was a lot such as painting on a blank painting or drawing on a fresh page of paper. There are limitations, as there are with any art moderate, but for the most part you might have the freedom to do what you would like. That enticed me personally. What I failed to realize is the fact that slapping some ink on the shirt and blindly making an attractive website doesn’t equal a solid business plan and continuing sales. It’s a mere small fraction of what it took to begin and run a t-shirt collection.

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