Products And Services Business Plan


Products And Services Business Plan Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver is a Japanese machine that is easy to maintain, simple and safe to operate.. We offer several varieties of Ice Shavers. In addition, Hatsuyuki's unique blade adjustment control gives you a choice in the ice texture. Hatsuyuki ice shavers produce fine flakes of shave ice that absorbs our rich Hawaiian shave ice flavors & syrups, and melts deliciously in your mouth. If you're looking for a cool item and hot profits, look at Hatsuyuki ice shavers for your shave ice business.

Our Products And Services Business Plan Gourmet Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup Flavors are made with the highest quality ingredients available on the market. Both Concentrate and Ready-To-Use (RTU) types of syrups yield the same high quality taste, color, and flavor. Real Hawaiian Ice stocks the top 37 concentrates and top 12 RTU flavors ranked by sales. Our shave ice flavors are the most appreciated in the nation and worldwide.

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