how to start a event planning business


how to start a event planning business.
In terms of setting off on a profession in party planning as well as events management, the key now that you are keen, with a real interest in the industry. It’s quite tough, and certainly not the ‘get rich quick’ system. According to Michael Newsome associated with Connect Events, to be successful within party planning and occasions, it’s all about personality. The actual party planner is a unique mix. On the one hand, you have to be extremely organised in order to juggle all of the logistical elements of a range of tasks; on the other hand, there’s the innovative imperative, for which you need a very different skillset. And on top of most that, it really helps in case you are ‘bubbly and outgoing’.

Celebration and events entrepreneurs originate from a whole host of backgrounds, and present a formidable range of specialisms from management and advertising, to sports and songs. If you have experience in a business events firm, or a good events management degree, this opens up a lot of doors, according to John Jamilly of Theme Investors. “I’ve been in the events business for 25 years, and it is changed very much. 25 years back, it was a new industry. Occasions management was only provided as a degree around a decade ago. So , the skills thing is quite new. ”

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