commercial loan executive summary


commercial loan executive summary Once you have a house under contract, begin to put together your "property information package". This packet will include a cover page with a picture of the property and your info. The next page will be a one page Executive Summary describing your goals, they types of attributes you are interested and preferably, some examples of deals or perhaps experience you have that will help you perform these deals. There are a lot of templates on the internet. Simply search "executive summary template". The 3rd page will be pictures and features of the property. Listing the bedrooms, bathrooms along with other selling points. The fourth page should be the county assessor's page. Just go to your region website and enter the tackle. You will then be able to print out the actual assessor's page with the total area, yr. built, bedrooms, bath rooms, etc ... All information you will need whenever you get insurance... but a few save that for later on.

The 5th page would be the Tax record page, displaying the estimated taxes you are going to pay. Page 6 is a printout from RealEstateABC. com. Just enter the property deal with and you will get a report demonstrating the estimated value of the home along with a map of the area. Page 7 will come through Zillow. com. Enter the street address and you will get another evaluation estimate along with comparable product sales data. If possible, highlight comps that flatter your property including photos. When you go out to get photos of the property, take photos of similar houses on the street. commercial loan executive summary You can include these types of photos along with the zillow web page and get some basic appraisal info. Contact a Title Insurance company and provide them the information. The seller/wholesaler will have sent a copy from the contract already most likely when you let them know where to send this. The closing attorney (usually the Title Insurance company works with one) can draw up the Promissory Note and the Mortgage documents. While you don't have to, it's a good idea in order to request a "lender's policy" on the Title Insurance along with your policy. In the event the loan company has to take over the property, she or he then has the title insurance coverage. Banks require this also it really puts the lender comfortable.

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