Catering Business Plan 2016


Catering Business Plan, Fressen Catering is the kosher catering company that will serves the Philadelphia marketplace. Fressen offers creative, vibrant, and unusual food choices for kosher as nicely as the traditional standbys. The service offerings are usually very a change comparative to the existing kosher catering market which is very stagnant. Most people create the incorrect assumption that will kosher food means regular, boring food. This assumption prevails throughout the Judaism community so there will be not much with regard to brand new offerings.

Fressen catering will inject new life directly into the kosher catering market, leveraging Chef Susan Cheflly's culinary skills to create creative new catering choices. Catering Business Plan, Susan's advanced skills, market insight, and a excellent market opportunity will enable Fressen Catering to achieve earnings by month 11 plus generate $395, 000 inside revenues for year about three.

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