Business Plans For Dummies


Business Plans For Dummies, Would you get off over a road trip to a new location without a map or even good directions? Probably not. Yet, sometimes business proprietors go full speed forward without even having a new destination in mind, a lot less a map on the way to get there. That's why therefore many businesses never allow it to be. In today's competitive market place, 3/4 of all brand new businesses fail within 2 to three years. Regardless of whether you're launching a brand new business or working in order to strengthen or expand a great established one, a business plan is your highway map to success. "Business Plans For Dummies, 2nd Edition" helps you maintain your businesses on track and reach aims.

Composed by Paul Tiffany, PhD, professor at UC Berkley Haas Business School plus the Wharton School of Enterprise and Steven Peterson, PhD, Professor at UC Berkeley Haas Business School plus CEO of Strategic Play, Business Plans For Dummies, it helps you Reasonably determine where your enterprise is and where a person want to go Create a detailed business strategy and put it into action rather than in a new drawer Use the program to secure financing Get ready for opportunities avoid frequent pitfalls.

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