Business Plan Appendix


Business Plan Appendix. As described throughout Chapter 5, a business program will have multiple uses through the early stages of a hedge fund's life. Initially, a business prepare will likely serve as a preparation document for the hedge account founder. Later, during certification or registering procedures, government bodies will often ask for a business approach. The business plan that might be needed by a regulator will likely concentrate on different aspects of the business and become more focused on demonstrating in which regulatory requirements have been paid for for. Further, much of the details in a hedge fund's strategy will eventually find the way into a fund's PPM (see Appendix B) and also due diligence questionnaire (see Appendix C). The outline beneath provides a menu of choices for an aspiring hedge fund manager to think about, including when creating a business strategy.

You should always begin with an exec summary which brings together the important thing points of your business plan. Business Plan Appendix While you revise and improve your strategy, you must be sure to update the actual executive summary, or else to create it only at the end, after you are usually fully satisfied with the rest of your strategy.

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