Business Continuity Plan Example


Business Continuity Plan Example. FINRA is providing a template being an optional guide to small presenting firms to assist them within fulfilling their need to produce and maintain business continuity programs (BCPs) and emergency get in touch with person lists under FINRA Rule 4370. The template identifies that many small introducing companies rely on parts of a cleaning firm’s BCP for many from the mission critical functions in the introducing firm. The template additionally contains instructions, relevant guidelines and Web sites, and other sources that are useful for developing a BCP for a small introducing company.

Business Continuity Plan Example. Your incident response strategy should be part of your wider business continuity plan, with a risk management plan along with a business impact analysis which identify possible risks for your business. An incident reaction plan is the response part of the prevention, preparedness, reply and recovery (PPRR) type of business continuity planning.

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